Top UX myths; because sometimes it’s easier to explain what it’s not!

UX-MythsSometimes clients who are new to the magical and mysterious world of UX can be a little overwhelmed and confounded when we (UX professionals) try to explain it (UX). To get their head around such a massive multidisciplinary domain with involvement of interesting fields such as national culture, ethnography, economics and sociology as well as the more traditional fields of computing, psychology and design.

In fact sometimes, when a client is still struggling to figure it out or how it fits into their product roadmap or customer experience it helps to fall back on a few misconceptions and explain what exactly UX is not, and perhaps clear up a few myths.

Here is the happy list of such Myths which seems to be ever evolving, compiled by UX designer Zoltán Gócza

And here is the wonderful series of posters that were compiled to explain them from Alessandro Giammaria. For sure I have a few on my walls!

Some of my favourite:

  • UX is a step in a process
  • All the design myths
  • People use your product as you imagine them to
  • You are like your users
  • Millers magic number!